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16. January 2012 by Bea Beste

Nando Stoecklin's vision for education: Quest-Based Learning

This is the translation of the text "Vision for a new education system" by Nando Stoecklin from the University of Teacher Education Bern. It's visionary and intriguing.

When I first found it and shared the link via facebook and twitter, some people in my network tried to understand it via Google Translator. It awakened their interest. So I asked Nando if we could translate and publish a version. Fortunately, he accepted. Her's the English text by our intern Alan Look, revised and approved by Nando. And on Nando's Blog, you'll find the original German version and a great video!

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08. December 2011 by Bea Beste

The oyster of good learning

The Sydney Centre for Innovation in Learning is the core and the spirit of the Northern Beaches Christian School and in my opinion one of the most innovative learning places in the world. I'm happy to be able to cooperate with Stephen Harris and the team of educational innovators developing and delivering a vision of better learning.

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26. October 2011 by Bea Beste

Big Five Of Innovation

exploring: Berlin with a great innovator from Australia

engaging: places and people in Berlin – seen through the eyes of an explorer

learning: how the learning revolution can happen

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12. September 2011 by Basti Hirsch

Learning Bricks From Our Childhood

exploring: LEGO® Discovery Centre at Potsdamer Platz
engaging: building bricks for our new learning culture
learning: it’s not rocket science, but a soapbox derby

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20. May 2011 by Bea Beste

Cheerleaders of Possibility

exploring: Alex Gilliam of Public Workshop, NYC
engaging: design thinking and adventurous prototyping
learning: creating caring communities through play

by Béa Beste

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22. February 2011 by Bea Beste

You learn what moves you - three playDUcative principles of good teaching

exploring: ancient dance in India
engaging: the rhythm of culture
learning: authenticity embodies perfection

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