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02. May 2012 by Bea Beste

In Sommer kommt die Box

Coming soon: Das erste Playducation Produkt. Hier dokumentieren wir den Weg und die Entstehung von Playducation, bloggen über Spannendes aus der Welt des spielerischen Lernens und halten alle auf dem Laufenden.

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20. May 2011 by Bea Beste

Cheerleaders of Possibility

exploring: Alex Gilliam of Public Workshop, NYC
engaging: design thinking and adventurous prototyping
learning: creating caring communities through play

by Béa Beste

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08. May 2011 by Elke Loepthien

The Sound of Nature

exploring: Bird Language and Nature Connection
engaging: cultural elements, art of questioning, 8 Shields model for program design
learning: decoding nature means decoding life

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13. April 2011 by Bea Beste

The principle of eco-joy: Your Green runs on fun!

exploring: the Green School in Bali
engaging: with mother nature
learning: freedom and sustainability

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