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21. July 2011 by Bea Beste

Finding the real treasure

exploring: scavenger hunts for grownups
engaging: a big game in Houston streets
learning: everything is bigger in Texas, even learning in a team

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01. June 2011 by Bea Beste

A playDUcative use of distraction

engaging: #TEDxHH
exploring: tweeting during a conference
learning:  distraction can help you focus

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02. March 2011 by Bea Beste

What you see is what you learn!

exploring: Sristhi School of Art, Design and Technology
engaging: interconnection of everything and everybody
learning: the power of visualization

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18. February 2011 by Bea Beste

Less conformity and more interference – four playDUcative elements for better conferences

exploring: the Design in Education Conference
engaging: out of the box interaction
learning: content is King – but the way to deliver it makes the Master!

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14. February 2011 by Bea Beste

A great Do comes with YOU – the playDUcative principles of partnership and eye-level exchange between adults and children

exploring: the Riverside School in Ahmedabad
engaging: This is India. Collective flow moments
learning: It’s about reflection. And about courage

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