The irresistibility of playful learning

The irresistibility of playful learning

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27. March 2011 by Bea Beste

Here’s a quite new project I found in Melbourne. Two kindergarten teachers, Donna and Sherry started blogging about their creative ideas and then went the social media way, engaging more than 4,000 people so far with their daily inspiration and were awarded an Edublog award. So they decided to quit their jobs and are now building up a training company for Early Years Teachers on playful approaches to learning.


They explained me their work over a latte macchiato: Find a good theme, have fun, try things out and reflect why it’s good for you. Lots of pictures make the suggestions “irresistible” – they show little hands in big bowls with color, teach you how to mix cornflower with sand to make it smooth, or how to sing in an imaginative rain. In addition to this, they also present different education centers and projects working with playful approaches, as well as creative ideas found on the World Wide Web. 


Their ideas are absolutely enriching for any Early Years Learning approach. But they are also useful and inspirational for teachers in schools, parents and any adult in search of creative divertissement - leaders of creative workshops in the corporate field might also want to take a look!

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