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10. August 2011 by Basti Hirsch

Striving for a perfect work-play balance is part of our deal here at playDUcation. To create gleeful learning experiences we first need to experience them ourselves. With two interns who joined us in August we are thus starting to explore the most playDUcative places Berlin has to offer. First stop: The Computer Games Museum.

Basti: It took about 10 minutes from sitting down to try an engaging game until I had that familar feeling again: “Don't interrupt me, I just need to beat this one level!” StarCraft II was part of the temporary exhibition at the Berlin Computer Games Museum and it helped me relearn how instantly addictive a great game can be.

Susann: Even though I wouldn’t consider myself a big gamer, I did enjoy playing around and exploring the world of computer games. It's simply amazing how much the technology advanced and with it the range of computer games. It's incredible to see how these different games attract all kinds of people and how engaging it can be to fully immerse oneself in this unique universe of opportunities.

Karin: If someone asked me what fascinated me most about our visit to the Computer Games Museum I wouldn't say that it was playing around with the Nintendo DS right away. The picture above proves differently. The fascination in Basti's and my eyes reminds me that I very quickly felt drawn into the game without even knowing how it worked when I began playing. If one could transfer the formula of “getting into a thing very quickly and not wanting to stop until you've figured out how to win” to learning—today's schools would look very different.

Béa: This is how my first computer and gaming experience really looked like, back in the early 90es! So much has changed, so much fun and color has been added. Why do most schools still look and feel the same? Let's get the spirit, the speed, the joy of gaming and put it into learning!

Peter: Although the design of 1980s arcade games is very basic, I was suddenly riveted by this game. I was fighting against a giant space insect on a coin-slot machine. The insect always won, however, I still have not given up. The battle now continues on my laptop.

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